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DC Comics Covers Get the ‘Scribblenauts’ Treatment in January

Not the one to be outdone by Marvels recent LEGO covers DC Comics have just announced that their comics will be getting Scribblenauts inspired variant covers in January. This won’t be a surprise to people who have followed the game and seen homages like that above of Justice League #1 in the Scribblenauts style. It […]

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DC Shun Colourists When It Comes To Royalties

Black and White version of Superman by Jim Lee, from DC Comics Imagine your favourite comic book in black and white… sure it might work great for some titles like ‘The Walking Dead’ but for the vast majority colour is a major element in their creation. Superman is big bright and colourful, the Flash is […]

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Marvels Second Attempt at Giving Away Over 700 Comics

  Marvel tried to give away over 700 free comics on the popular digital comics app ComiXology late last month, but things didn’t exactly go to plan. The demand for the issues was so great that it sent ComiXology’s entire site into melt down meaning fans couldn’t even purchase comics never mind get their free […]

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