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Best Comic Art of the Week 10/11/13

  I finally got around to reading ‘Sandman: Overture’ this week and I was very tempted to pick that for best art of the week, but there were that many other strong contenders that actually came out this Wednesday that I felt like it’d be cheating. Still even if you haven’t read any Sandman before […]

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Jim Lee Reveals Secret Message in Superman Unchained

Jim Lee has been hiding secret messages in his art for a while, from the covers to Batman #609 and Superman Unchained #3 to the interiors of Superman Unchained #1 shown in the video above. The video is also a trailer for DC All Access a new show from the published due for release 15/10/2013 […]

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New Harley Quinn ‘Event’ in the Works

Jim Lee just tweeted the above work in progress of Harley Quinn pulling Batman and Jokers strings, teasing us by saying “More of that Harley Quinn piece when the “event” it is timed to is unveiled…stay tooned.” Not much is clear but with Harley being in her pre-new 52 costume it could signal a return […]

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