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Avengers Initiative Lite Released By Marvel

Marvel have released a free ‘lite’ version of their popular iPhone and iPod game Avengers Initiative for a limited period. The game, which is largely a clone of the Epic Games app Infinity Blade, puts the player in the shoes of the Hulk as they fight their way through waves of enemies. Avengers Initiative is […]

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DC releases the Before Watchmen backup, The Curse of the Crimson Corsair for FREE!

So far I’ve held off from buying into the controversial ‘Before Watchmen’ line of comics from DC, despite some good buzz from its first issue: Minutemen, however one of the things that is tempting me towards the series is the Curse of the Crimson Corsair story, which sees the return of original Watchmen colourist John […]

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Get a free digital copy of DCs Identity Crisis #1

Comics are always pulling at our heart strings and playing with our emotions but rarely do they have as much impact as the Identity Crisis series. It’s a brilliant read that really does redefine the heroes we all know and love and had a lasting impact on the DC universe.

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