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Best Comic Art Of The Week 9/11/12

Art by Doug Mahnke, Green Lantern #14 from DC Comics I almost didn’t do a ‘best of art’ this week, out of all the comics I picked up there was no art that really stood out. Morales seems to be loosing his momentum on Action Comics and Fabok’s work is surprisingly good on Detective Comics […]

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Green Lantern #0 Review

Green Lantern #0 introduces us to the newest Green Lantern of sector 2814, Simon Baz. Geoff Johns is usually so good at creating great characters with interesting backstories but something about Baz just seems so obvious like Geoff Johns found all the jigsaw pieces and all he did was put them together. We have a […]

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Green Lantern Vol 1: Sinestro Review

When DC relaunched all their titles in September last year the aim was to get rid of all that pesky continuity building up with their characters and get some new readers into comics, as well as revitalising long term fans. This is mostly what DC stuck to, however Green Lantern is the one series that […]

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