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Comixology Release DC Comics Early

ComiXology, the popular iOS and android app, have released this weeks DC comics early. Traditionally the books have been held back until 2pm EST to give retailers a head start. This could have been a simple error, as comiXology were still reminding people that “all Same Day as Print DC Comics go live at 2pm […]

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DC’s Same Day Digital Comics Now Available on Kindle, iOS and Nook stores

DC are at the forefront of digital comics, promising to make all their titles available digitally the same day they’re available in print. Traditionally this has been done through an app called Comics from comiXology however DC have added a whole slew of digital stores where they’ll be selling their digital comics including the Kindle […]

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Legends of the Dark Knight #2 (Digital) Review

Legends of the Dark Knight (Digital) #2 ‘All of the Above’: Released 14th June 2012 Written by: Jonathan Larsen Art by: J.G.Jones Colours by: Paul Mounts Letters by: Saida Temofonte DC mixes up the creative team already in the second digital issue of their weekly title Legends of the Dark Knight and in stark contrast […]

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