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The Return of DCs Horrendous Cover Banners

  DC have just released a preview for this weeks issue of Aquaman #20 and it features the return of the cover banners that the company seem to love so much. DC has experimented with these banners before, for the release of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ and their ‘We Can Be Heroes’ charity campaign, and […]

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Greg Capullo working on a ‘Secret Project’ for DC

Greg Capullo, Batman artist, announced that he has finished pencilling the ‘Death of the Family’ story arc today and with that came a surprise announcement. Capullo has started creating the covers for his Batman issues but won’t be doing covers for any more series any time soon as he states “Dan Didio (Co-publisher of DC […]

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Latino Review Reveals Darkseid as Justice League Movie Villian

Latino Review, a movie news site, has exclusively revealed that Darkseid will be the reason Superman, Batman, Green Lantern and others will join together in DCs upcoming Justice League movie. The move makes a lot of sense, the character was the driving force behind the Justice League forming in their New 52 origin little over […]

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