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DC Celebrates Batmans 75th Anniversary with Star-Studded Detective Comics #27

DC have some big things planned for the 75th anniversary of Batmans debut next year not least of all issue #27 of Detective Comics volume 2, the same issue number the Dark Knight first appeared in during the first volume of the title. Due for release on 8th January the issue will be an extra […]

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DC Comics Covers Get the ‘Scribblenauts’ Treatment in January

Not the one to be outdone by Marvels recent LEGO covers DC Comics have just announced that their comics will be getting Scribblenauts inspired variant covers in January. This won’t be a surprise to people who have followed the game and seen homages like that above of Justice League #1 in the Scribblenauts style. It […]

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DC’s New 52 Bridge-Burning Timeline of Shame

  DC’s original logo for their line of gatefold covers in April 2013 DC’s treatment of their creators has once again taken the spotlight due to the creators of ‘Batwoman‘ quitting over editorial interference so now seems like a good time to go back down memory lane and see how the company have treated their […]

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