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Darkhorse to Adapt George Lucas’ Original Star Wars Screenplay

It seems like Dark Horse loosing the Star Wars licence has kicked the company into high gear releasing series like Brian Woods ‘Star Wars’ to critical acclaim and now announcing that they’re adapting George Lucas’ original screenplay into an 8 part mini-series. The original screenplay had numerous differences to the eventual film, including many name […]

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Five Things You Wanted To Ask About The Disney/Star Wars Acquisition

The recent acquisition of Lucasfilm by Disney has got everyone talking but it sure raises a few questions about the state of George Lucas’ franchise: Haven’t I already seen ‘Disneyfied’ Star Wars characters? Quite possibly, the two franchises have met before resulting in some interesting combinations, and the Disney World Park in Florida is home […]

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Dark Horse to release hardcover Mass Effect comic collection

Perfect for fans who missed the comics when they were first released or new fans coming in to the Mass Effect universe with the re-release of Mass Effect 2/3 Dark Horse is compiling a collection of all previous Mass Effect comics into one giant hardback! Official Press Release: The series that revolutionized video game comics […]

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