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Get a free digital copy of SHAZAM! Chapter 1

DC comics are giving away a free digital copy of SHAZAM chapter #1, the backup story in Justice League #7, for download through comixology. All you have to do is go to and enter the code #SHAZAM! Hurry though as its only available for the next 12 hours, until about 8pm here in the […]

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Spider-man reign review

Spider-man Reign takes an interesting concept, first brought into prominence by The Dark Knight Returns, of retired superheroes and applies it to the Spider-man mythos. DKR really pioneered the dark gritty style of looking at what superheroes do when they retire, and if they actually can, and Kaare Andrews, the writer/artist on Reign, takes a […]

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Marvel release graphic novels on Apples iBook store

For a long time the comics app by comixology has dominated the comics market on iOS devices, constantly being in the top ten lists for paid apps, now it has some competition from Apple themselves.

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