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Five Things You Wanted To Ask About The Disney/Star Wars Acquisition

The recent acquisition of Lucasfilm by Disney has got everyone talking but it sure raises a few questions about the state of George Lucas’ franchise: Haven’t I already seen ‘Disneyfied’ Star Wars characters? Quite possibly, the two franchises have met before resulting in some interesting combinations, and the Disney World Park in Florida is home […]

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Green Lantern Vol 1: Sinestro Review

When DC relaunched all their titles in September last year the aim was to get rid of all that pesky continuity building up with their characters and get some new readers into comics, as well as revitalising long term fans. This is mostly what DC stuck to, however Green Lantern is the one series that […]

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DC Comics release a free Night of the Owls starter digital comic

The Night of the Owls is upon us and for those not keeping up to date DC Comics have released a free primer for the event to download through their app or Comics from Comixology.

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