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Best Comic Art of the Week 17/11/13

This week was amazing for comic book covers, from the Alex Ross cover to ‘Astro City,’ the CG style ‘Batgirl’ cover, the vibrant ‘Federal Bureau of Physics’ cover, the Gary Frank ‘Suicide Squad’ cover, Rocafort’s ‘Superboy’ cover to the fun ‘L’il Gotham’ cover (which includes a ‘Gotham by Gaslight’ easter egg in the interior) there […]

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Best Comic Art of the Week 10/11/13

  I finally got around to reading ‘Sandman: Overture’ this week and I was very tempted to pick that for best art of the week, but there were that many other strong contenders that actually came out this Wednesday that I felt like it’d be cheating. Still even if you haven’t read any Sandman before […]

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Thomas Wayne Jr Set to Make a Return in Detective Comics #27?

Take this one with a pinch of salt as variant covers aren’t always the most reliable source for information but the recently revealed variant cover for Detective Comics #27 features non other than Owlman, Thomas Wayne Jr, in the top right corner. This had led to speculation that either Bruces long lost brother is due […]

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