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Best Comic Art of the Week 17/11/13

This week was amazing for comic book covers, from the Alex Ross cover to ‘Astro City,’ the CG style ‘Batgirl’ cover, the vibrant ‘Federal Bureau of Physics’ cover, the Gary Frank ‘Suicide Squad’ cover, Rocafort’s ‘Superboy’ cover to the fun ‘L’il Gotham’ cover (which includes a ‘Gotham by Gaslight’ easter egg in the interior) there […]

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Stephanie Brown Set to Return to DC Comics

The whereabouts of characters like Stephanie Brown, Wally West and Cassandra Cain in the New 52 are big questions for fans of DC Comics, with some even going so far as to list all of those missing, luckily for some it looks like Stephanie Brown is about to make a reappearance in ‘Batman: Eternal’ #3. […]

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DC’s New 52 Bridge-Burning Timeline of Shame

  DC’s original logo for their line of gatefold covers in April 2013 DC’s treatment of their creators has once again taken the spotlight due to the creators of ‘Batwoman‘ quitting over editorial interference so now seems like a good time to go back down memory lane and see how the company have treated their […]

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