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Suicide Squad #0 Review

Amanda Waller is a big player in the New 52 and here we see her post-team 7 as she gets the idea for the Suicide Squad. This issue feels a lot more like an issue of Team 7 or one of DC’s military titles rather than something superpowered like the suicide squad, and focuses on […]

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Teen Titans #0 Review

As with all of the issue #0s that feature former Robins Teen Titans focuses entirely on that character, here Tim Drake, rather than tell a group origin which is its benefit as the groups formation was told just a few months ago in the first issues of the title. Out of all the Robins Tim’s […]

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Green Lantern #0 Review

Green Lantern #0 introduces us to the newest Green Lantern of sector 2814, Simon Baz. Geoff Johns is usually so good at creating great characters with interesting backstories but something about Baz just seems so obvious like Geoff Johns found all the jigsaw pieces and all he did was put them together. We have a […]

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