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Batman #41 Review

  In their biggest shake up since the New 52 DC has launched DC YOU, an initiative designed to change the status quo of some of their most well established characters. From completely changing the tone of the Batgirl series to revealing Supermans secret identity DC have set their sights very high, none more so […]

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Superman/Wonder Woman #1 Review

I have to admit when Superman/Wonder Woman was first announced I wasn’t convinced it was going to be a good idea, the two parent titles have vastly different styles and I haven’t been a fan of most of Tony S. Daniel’s New 52 work so I was going into this issue fairly negatively from the […]

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Batman/Superman #1 Review

In the same month that we have ‘Superman Unchained’ #1 from Scott Snyder and Jim Lee which is obviously targeted at the mainstream fans coming across from seeing ‘Man of Steel’ we get ‘Batman/Superman’ #1 a much more cynical look at possibly comics two biggest heroes. On the surface the story is the first meeting […]

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