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Blood & Gourd Review

   Fans of 70s horror like ‘Attack of the Killer Tomatoes’ don’t want to miss out on Blood & Gorde which has been heavily inspired by the B movies of the era. This 48 page introduction to a halloween faire attacked by killer pumpkins sounds like it’s been ripped straight out of a 70s horror […]

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Brunette Review

Howdy, ladies and gentlemen. This go around I’ve been allowed to have the distinct displeasure of reviewing Brunette by Josh Crampton. In my entire 28 years of existence as a human being on the planet Earth, I have read some bad comics in my time, but, this book takes the express elevator to the top […]

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Indie Spotlight – The Many

In this review I’ll be gazing into the abyss of The Many. The Many is written and drawn by Charlie Gillespie. The story opens with two of the major recurring cast members, Dave and Jack, who are British nationals being tortured in a Turkish prison. After a brief conversation, there is a quick cut to […]

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