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DC Shun Colourists When It Comes To Royalties

Black and White version of Superman by Jim Lee, from DC Comics Imagine your favourite comic book in black and white… sure it might work great for some titles like ‘The Walking Dead’ but for the vast majority colour is a major element in their creation. Superman is big bright and colourful, the Flash is […]

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Inside a CGC comic slab

I don’t think anyone of us would willingly open up one of our CGC slabs just to have a look and a see whats inside, however due to an unfortunate accident a few of my CGC’d comics ended up getting cracked and I was able to have open them up.

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Creator Spotlight: Jim Lee

When applying for a recent job I was asked to “send a 200-word critique of your favourite fantasy, sci-fi or comic artist’s work, including what you like about their work and how they’ve made an impact on their particular industry” this is what I sent: When thinking of artists who have truly made an impact […]

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