Indie Spotlight – Zombolette Floppy Review


Zombolette’s Floppy Review by David Herring

You know you’re in for something special one way or another when there is a childlike drawing of a squirting penis on the opening page.

It seems like Scarlette Baccini took iZombie, Ren & Stimpy and Beavis & Butthead,
put them all into a blender with some Invader Zim icing and Family Guy sprinkles on
top, then proceeded to chug it down like a protein shake. The end result of what she regurgitated was mutated into Zombolette.


Quite frankly, I haven’t seen art this bad since reading Chew. However, that the rub.
Like a Bruce Campbell movie the art is so bad it’s good and somehow strangely adds to
the overall experience of reading the stories, becoming an ass-backward art form all of it’s

Yep, you read that right. The book itself feels like it was ripped out of the pages
of the diary of an institutionalized mental patient, something that plays to the strengths
of what I believe to be what Baccini intended to accomplish; keeping the stories
short and sweet.

The short stories – of varying length – revolve around the title character Zombolette
and her giant mutant hampster BFF, Cameron in which we see the odd ball pair muddle
through misadventures.

The first story is Zombolette’s Floppy is called “Limbs Akimbo”. Zombolette goes to a
yoga class at Cameron’s behest where she discovers her unnatural ability to stretch,
bend and twist her body parts. She is a zombie after all. Then our portly protagonist
inadvertently stumbles into becoming a world famous contortionist. One fateful
exhibition, Zombolette twists too much and too far and literally breaks herself apart
which conveniently costs her the entire fortune she amassed throughout the story for a
scientest to put her back together again.

The next short entitled “Truth Or Scare” begins with Zombolette and Cameron going
to a party of wall to wall drug addict hipsters. Cameron quickly ditches her to go
hangout with his “cool” friends. Zombolette then finds herself being dragged into a
game of Truth Or Dare, Spin-The-Bottle style. She manically “dares” everyone else with
dark poignant topical humor such as posting an unflattering picture of yourself on
Facebook or getting pregnant just to go have an abortion.


The book rounds out with “The Resurrection Of C.S. Lewis”. This little tale is about
Zombolette’s obsession with finding a way to bring her dead pet lizard, named C.S.
Lewis, back to life. After a failed Frankenstein-esque procedure, Cameron calls in the
white coats and has Zomboletle loked up in the loony bin. Her words not mine.

On a positive note, Scarlette Baccini shatters stereotypes by proving that twisted
toilet humor can be for girls too.

In the end, the only real fun I found to be had in continuing to read Zombolette’s
Floppy was to see what twists and turns the chaotic depravity was going to take next.

Never can I recall being delighted and disgusted in the same moment. Zombolette is
definitely not for the faint of heart… Or the weak of stomach.

More information about Zombolette can be found online at Bathwater Books or at
Zombolette’s official Facebook page.

Zombolette’s Floppy and other Zombolette titles can be found online on Amazon,
Milk Shadow Books, or Comics Fix.

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