Bryan Lee O’Malley Finishes Work on ‘Seconds,’ due for Release in Summer 2014

tumblr_mowqetf7vd1ro3irro1_500It seems like a lifetime ago that we were reading Bryan Lee O’Malley’s last work ‘Scott Pilgrim’ which ended in 2010, and the artist has been working on ‘Seconds’ ever since then. Now the end is in sight with O’Malley announcing that the writing and pencilling of ‘Seconds’ is now done with the lettering, colouring and  finishing touches left to go, and an expected release date of Summer 2014.

O’Malley has some excelled collaborators on the 320 page book, with Jason Fisher as art assistant, Dustin Harbin hand lettering the entire book and Nathan Fairbairn handling the colouring in-between doing Scott Pilgrim volumes four and five.

Check out the full blog post below:


I finished writing/penciling Seconds over the weekend!

Seconds is this book… that i’ve been working on since like late 2010…

It’s about a restaurant, and the spiky haired girl, Katie, is the main character, she’s a chef. The dark haired girl is named Hazel (she’s not the main character…) This page here is the last full page I added to the rough draft. They’re having a chat in Hazel’s bedroom (but I took out all the dialogue).

Currently the book is 320 pages long. The next few weeks will be spent editing and revising, then the rest of the year inking and finishing the book, which will be in FULL COLOR!

I have a small staff helping me out on the rest of the process, who I’m excited to announce right now……….

Jason Fischer – art assistant (inking, production, and background embellishment)

Dustin Harbin – lettering (he’s hand lettering the whole book!)

Nathan Fairbairn – coloring (he’s the colorist for Scott Pilgrim and will be doing Seconds in between Scott Pilgrim vol 4 and 5!)

I realized last night that our names are Bryan, Jason, Dustin and Nathan… all ending in -N… we sound like a boy band ~_~

If all goes according to plan, Seconds should be out Summer 2014!!!! Wish us luck…


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